Acier II

ACIER 2 LAMPE - 52-002 / 18-001
This chrome brass lamp blends in with all types of interiors, from the most modern to the most classic. It can find its place in a bedroom on a bedside table, on a desk in a work area or elsewhere in an interior.


GALERIE LAMPE - 21-005 / 22-002
Created in the 1990s, the Galerne lamp is an important element in the Lighting Collection. As a table lamp, bedside lamp and library lamp, its compact size makes it very easy to incorporate and use in many ways. Its trapezoidal shade matches the oblique and assertive lines of its metal structure.


DUNE LAMPE - 47-001 / 45-001
The Dune lamp, whose massive structure is made in « Purpura ébène» satin walnut, becomes the masterful element of any interior. Its smooth shape recalls pebbles shaped by time.
Present in the Hotel Costes’ lobby and rooms, this black varnished patinated brass reading lamp offers adjustable lighting, making it the perfect companion for our reading sessions. Its graphic lines and timeless design have already made it a classic piece. The Costes x Liaigre Collection – a selection of creations originally designed for the Costes...


The CL4 floor lamp is the first Laigre halogen floor lamp and among the first lighting pieces in the Collection. This lighting piece provides lighting on a specific point, conducive to reading. It can be arranged alongside a sofa or an armchair. An emblematic piece of the Collection, its lines are anchored in the classic French repertoire. One can guess...


CHANTECAILLE LAMPA - 32-005 / 32-003
The Chantecaille is a modern floor lamp, that adds an intimate, warm touch of light to an interior. It has a contemporary spirit, synonymous with a timeless and elegant style. 


An ode to nature and particularly to wood, the Sylve lamp provides an interesting and poetic contrast with its structure and combination of natural and high gloss oak. It has an unostentatious design based on an exceptional savoir-faire. It portrays Liaigre's desire to offer something exceptional with authentic, natural materials. 


ATOLL LAMPE - 46,5-002
Created in 2008 by Christian Liaigre as part of the Motu Tané project in Bora Bora, the Atoll lamp is a bronze sculpture symbolizing the squaring of a circle. It evokes an annular coral reef of the warm seas, enclosing a lagoon communicating with the open sea. The most famous are those of the Maldives, Tuamotu, Kiribati, Bikini... This ring will bring a...


The elegant structure of the Citron lamp is both robust and light. A high quality lighting, secret of a warm and comfortable interior. Made at the Liaigre lighting ateliers in Paris, it requires a particular savoir-faire as the bronze part holds and conceals the electrification.


CABESTAN LAMPADAIRE - 77-001B / 77-001
Unusual model in the floor lamp range since Cabestan is destined to be placed over a seat, table, or desk. Its was designed like a work of architecture but on the scale of a lamp. As a decorative and refined piece, this floor lamp illuminates and enhances the interior.


AMANDE LAMPADAIRE - 51,5-002 / AJ-001
The Amande floor lamp, made of patinated bronze with an aquarelle paper lampshade, can be recognized by its almond shaped center. It was inspired by Giacometti, one of Christian Liaigre's favourites. The black patina is created by talented Masters of Arts, according to techniques that date back to the 18th century. 


Titanic and delicate at the same time, this floor lamp is a masterpiece. From these forms influenced by the primitive arts unfold strength and tranquility. Totem by its strength and majesty, it is also sculpture by the softness and sensuality of its lines. The Hobin floor lamp is made from several interlocking pieces of wood. This monumental piece with...
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